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Eric Bio PicEditor-in-Chief

A long-time resident of Wisconsin, Editor-In-Chief, more commonly known among friends and enemies alike as Eric, has been running WyethDigital.com since it’s inception.

In addition to this site, Eric also worked with good friend and colleague, Madeline, on the popular web series, “How-To.”

Eric lives in a 100+ year old house in a small town 25 miles north of Madison, Wisconsin, with his wife and cat.



Uncle-Dick-Portrait-2Uncle Dick, Advice

Uncle Dick is a French Dominique rooster. He has been loving the chicks since the mid-1980s and is the author of the best-selling book “Clucks in the City,” about the trials and loves of a single rooster in a fashionable big city chicken coop. He is currently the subject of six restraining orders: 1 from NBC News’ Brian Williams, 1 from Tyson Foods, and 4 from actress Lindsey Lohan.