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0001 Ever the Optimist – Asteroids, Bionics and Mars


Today’s show features asteroid detectors, bionic hands, film’s failed future predictions, Martian Big Brother and the Fusion Drive to get us there!

Here are the links we covered:

Question of the Week: Should we have an asteroid detection system; what would it look like; who should pay for it; and who should run it? Bonus question: Is this the grand unifying endeavor that will finally unite humankind? Link: Space.com 

Future Tech: Bionic hands with the sense of touch and “muscle” control dictated by the human nervous system may soon be a reality; oranges beware! Link: Discovery News

Future Fail: Hollywood is no Nostradamus, as is well demonstrated by their many motion pictures predicting the future. Smosh.com compiled a list of 10 movies that got it wrong. We covered five of them.

What movies would be on your list, and what prediction would you like to see come true? Link: Smosh.com

Glass Half Empty: Leave it to the Dutch! First, they seem to stubbornly refuse to use vowels, and now they want to shoot a bunch of twenty-somethings into space on a one way mission to a Martian “Big Brother” house. Is there room for Justin Bieber? Pleasssse!  Link: The Register

Glass Half Full: Just in time to launch an entourage of Beliebers into space comes news from the University of Washington that NASA has granted $600,000 to create a working prototype of a Fusion Driven Rocket that could cut travel time to Mars by 1/3 the time or better. This could make the dream of interstellar travel into reality. Where would you go? Link: The Register

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