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VIDEO: Conservative “Freedom”

The prevailing logic for many decades has been that conservatism is perhaps the last bastion of the pragmatist; and on its surface that is not an unreasonable image. After all, when the media depicts conservatism it is usually from the vantage point of the fiscal conservative railing against high taxes and governmental excess. Of course, the evolution of yesterday’s fiscal conservative who eschewed wasteful pork-barrel spending into today’s breed of fiscal conservative who abhors any taxes that pay for public schools, police, and municipal infrastructure — even to the detriment of their own communities — is largely ignored. Also ignored are the social conservatives who would impose their personal will onto the rights of others — much to the detriment of society.

Is it because the media fears that the reality of today’s conservative (fiscal or social) as a force holding back progress, rather than tempering it, will not fit their narrative? Just what sort of narrative should really exist when looking at conservatism in today’s world?


The antiquated myth that conservatism is somehow more rational, pure and patriotic than the progressive ideals that have actually moved this country forward are slowly being dispelled — not by any liberal bias in the media or a concerted liberal conspiracy. No, conservatives are shattering their own myths better than anyone else could. All you need to do is actually listen to a conservative once they are outside the safety of their own echo chambers. A couple of cases in point would be Wayne LaPierre, president of the NRA who claimed we need virtually unrestricted access to high-capacity guns because of the potential tyranny of the government; another is a recently surfacing conservative wet dream of segregated city-states, free from today’s corrupt liberals and their socialist rules. Take a gander at these Daily Show clips and they’ll help explain the concept. They’re in order. You’ll have to put up with a couple of ads:

Part 1:

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Part 2

Part 3

So in other words, the best way to live a Constitutionally conservative, patriotic, free American lifestyle is to… lock yourself away in a regimented Marxist-style commune. If these nuts weren’t so into guns, it might actually be funny!

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