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Scott Walker Invites Sex Offender to Major Address – UPDATED

Original Date of Publication 01-23-2014

2012 Republican National Convention: Day 2

UPDATE: It’s been a little over a year since I published this post about Scott Walker’s political faux pas. As noted, the governor shifted blame for how a sex offender ended up on the dais with him to a list his donors gave to him. Now that Walker has seriously begun to fund raise for his imminent run at being the president Weasel-in-Chief, his M.O. has not changed much. For example:

  • The front row at his State-of-the-State address was stacked with billionaire donors rather than the working women and men of Wisconsin.
  • He’s compared the Act 10 protestors to ISIS, and then denied it. He blames the media for misconstruing his rather unambiguous comments.
  • He’s dodged questions about his scientific knowledge, including whether or not he accepted the theory of evolution.
  • When Rudolph Giuliani claimed that President Obama wasn’t “like the rest of us… wasn’t raised as a Christian” Walker could have taken the high road and disavowed the comments, but instead took no position, claiming he hadn’t discussed it with Obama (as if he somehow needed to discuss the President’s faith with him personally to determine the comment was out of line). He’s since tried to weasel out of that situation, too.

— End Update —

Daniel Bice, of the No Quarter blog at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is reporting that a welder Scott Walker invited to his recent State-of-the-State address (and who was suggested by one of his corporate donors) is a registered sex offender with two felony convictions, has three DUIs and has been in and out of prison for the better part of the last decade.

This bugs me on a few different levels:

  1. They arrest grannies, aldermen, vets and students for singing in the capitol but give media exposure to a sex offender as someone the state is proud of, mostly because it fits their trumped up agenda.
  2. Scott Walker’s administration is so slavish to it’s donors that they will take their word for anything, including a character reference for a sex offender, without independently vetting the man. I’d like to chalk this up to pure laziness, but let’s be honest: Scott Walker has a history and pattern of doing what the money tells him to, including letting mining companies dictate environmental policy and Wisconsin Manufacturer’s and Commerce dictate labor law. In this case, the corporate donor is Ariens (who are apparently branching out from snow throwers to bull throwers).
  3. And finally, see above! I mean, how long would it have taken some dim bulb in Walker’s office to go through the list of names and check them against WCCA? Maybe if they weren’t so busy harassing peaceful, constitutionally protected protestors, or kissing donor’s asses, or getting all up in women’s vaginas they’d have had the time to look them up!

What do you think? Is this just a stupid oversight, or is it a symptom of a larger idiot problem in the Walker administration? Sound off below!

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