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Video: The World Chocolate Masters Pt. 1 (revisited)

Original date of publication: 04-14-2014

One of the more unique experiences that my former partner Madeline and I had as pioneering How-To video podcasters was our invitation to cover the United States finals of the prestigious global chocolatiers’ competition, The World Chocolate Masters.

It was a departure from our usual format, which presented some challenges to our overriding “mission” of showing young people, especially young women, ways to express their own style and individuality in easy and affordable ways. But being a creative juggernaut and all, we set our sights on telling two stories: One story would be the story of the competition itself. The other story would be that of talented women. One, a young up-and-coming pastry chef cutting her teeth in a male-dominated competition; the other, an established celebrity chef, author and TV personality who graduated from competitor to judge. I could tell you all about them, but that would spoil the fun of watching the videos! Enjoy Part 1 of 3!


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