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What’s Old is New Again – Updated!

Late last fall, sometime around Thanksgiving, I decided to upgrade this website by adding a social media element to it. The change was not well-received by the database or hosting server or something. The site crashed. Hard. I could not repair it.

Now I am rebuilding it. I’ve been able to save the posts from the old site that I wanted to save, and I will be adding them back over the next few weeks. I was planning on post-dating them to their original date of publication, and I’ve done that for some already, but I’ve changed my mind about this strategy. For one thing, by adding posts into the current timeline I can let you explore the progression of my writing and introduce you to some of the issues that have caught my eye in the past, and in some cases even update them. For another, I can upload a bunch of my old posts and schedule them to come out in a staggered fashion, thus relieving all of us of the pain-in-the-butt post-dumping that I’ve been doing.

So, on old posts they will be re-published to a current date, but I will add the original published date to the top of the post to make it easier to know which post is from the archives and which is “fresh meat.”

Thank you for reading!

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