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Scott Walker Invites Sex Offender to Major Address – UPDATED

Scott Walker invited a sex offeneder to his State-of-the-State and then tried to weasel out of it. Kind of like the time he appointed a guy and his sex-offender boyfriend to a veteran’s fund board where they embezzled thousands of dollars. Walker is a total sack of crap.

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Uncle Dick: Advice to the Lovelorn #4

Uncle-Dick-Portrait-2Uncle Dick Alt-Rocks it with LEVI, engages in dirty kumquat talk and tells his NIECE about her mother’s Grey behavior.

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The World Chocolate Masters Pt. 2 (revisited)

In this episode we meet two of the contestants in the WCM; a seasoned competitor and master at chocolate sculpting and a first time competitor trying to make a mark in what has been a man’s world. A tense battle between Experience and Youth ensues and culminates in tragedy in the kitchen!

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Recipe: Brown-Eyed Sister (Brown Chili)

This soon-to-be award winning chili wowed guests at a recent chili-tasting party my wife and I hosted. With no beans and no tomatoes, it’s a dish to stretch the boundaries of what chili is.

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Sharable! Pat Robertson and Feminism

crazy talk 2

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VIDEO: Thom Hartman and the cost of Reaganomics

Reaganomics didn’t work. If you want to learn why a loan of $50,000 to a homeless guy would be a better investment than a $50,000 loan to a billionaire take a listen to Thom Hartman.

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Video: The World Chocolate Masters Pt. 1 (revisited)

For this week’s Ever the Optimist, I dip into my first foray into podcasting, “How-To” with my friend and collaborator, Madeline Merced. One of the more unique experiences that Madeline and I had as pioneering “How-To” video podcasters was our invitation to cover the United States finals of the prestigious, global chocolatiers’ competition, The World Chocolate Masters. This is Part 1

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VIDEO: Special Commentary – Camp Gyno

Original Date of Publication 07-31-2013 Hey heyyy, Uncle Dick here! I’m not usually one to write editorials, but recently some of the young chicks around the coop have been getting their first visits from “Aunt Flo,” if you know what I mean. I think it warrants a special PSA. Please …

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Recipe: Polenta

Polenta is essentially a peasant’s dish; hearty, earthy and cheap to make! Learn how!

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Uncle Dick: Advice for the Lovelorn #3

Uncle Dick’s #Advice – Clarissa exposes it all, white on black-angus action, and KFC has a problem only the Uncle can understand!

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