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0002 What Gets My Goat – Pork Rinds

WGMG reviews Porkie’s Pork Rinds. Will they #MAGA?

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0001 What Gets My Goat: The NRA

The N.R.A., an organization ostensibly representing hunters and gun owners, but in reality the gun manufacturer’s lobby of choice. They never met a horrible idea in support of the 2nd Amendment they didn’t like. But please, go ahead and watch my rant and see what Gets My Goat!

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Changes to Ever The Optimist

A fast, spirited, and ad-libbed take-down of whatever Gets My Goat in the world of politics, culture, religion, and barnyard animals.

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0004 Ever the Optimist – Cloaking Device, Deflector Shields, Fantastic Fails

#QuestionOfTheWeek, #FutureFail, and phone answering robots!

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DiY: Easter Eggs the Easy Way

A ground breaking DiY video about getting Easter Eggs the easy way. All you need is a stout spear and a thirst for blood.

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Uncle Dick’s Advice for the Lovelorn #6

SKUNK stanks, MOM judges, and YUP is agreeable! All in this week’s #Advice

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Recipe: Fluffy Baking Powder Biscuits

A classic staple of the American Midwest and South, these fluffy biscuits serve as a wholesome accompaniment to any meal of the day.

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Uncle Dick: Advice for the Lovelorn #5

Mabel makes whisker biscuits, Jack finds three’s company, and Chick questions Uncle Dick’s religion.

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Video: The World Chocolate Masters Pt. 3 (revisited)

This is the 3rd and final installment of our classic How-To series, the World Chocolate Masters. This episode goes behind the scenes to learn how a competition like this is judged, how contestants deal with tragedy in the kitchen, and (of course) who won!

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Scott Walker Invites Sex Offender to Major Address – UPDATED

Scott Walker invited a sex offeneder to his State-of-the-State and then tried to weasel out of it. Kind of like the time he appointed a guy and his sex-offender boyfriend to a veteran’s fund board where they embezzled thousands of dollars. Walker is a total sack of crap.

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